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Indeed we can.

Take Dragonite, for example.
It's already weak 4x to Ice, and if Forest's Curse is used on it, it then would have the Dragon / Flying / Grass type, which makes it 8x weak to Ice.
Or practically, any Pokémon which is already 4x weak to the types to which Grass is weak (Fire, Poison, Bug, Ice and Flying) would be 8x weak to that type when affected by Forest's Curse.

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Uh no. You actually can’t. The only moves that add on types are Forest’s Curse and Trick’ or Treat. If you use both on a Pokémon, the last one used will cancel the other one out.
Who said we cant hv 16x
Take a snom, skill swap fluffy on it, use tar shot on it, use forest curse on it.

Thats 32x if u hit it with special fire type move.
Yeah based on the Shuckle meme I thought you can even get x100 and ridiculous numbers like that but those aren't type weaknesses
Im not v sure abt tar shot, but the fluffy(and dry skin) increase dmg so what u said is tru....

For tar shot, Bulba says increase the effectiveness of fire type moves. That counts as increasing type effectiveness no?
Yes and no because the question is if you can have 4 types using multiple moves/abilities etc. like Forest Curse which might warrant an edit or a separate question, so feel free to ask. The only reason I'm asking instead of doing the research is I haven't played since gen 7 :/