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I would like to know because I'm preparing for a battle I'm going to have with my girlfriend. All I know for sure is that she has one Ghost-type and one Poison-type. I showed her my team in a way that she wouldn't think that it is actually my team, and she claims to have type advantages over my Pokemon. I think otherwise because of the moves that they know. It's going to be a double battle and a single battle with both our teams at level 100. Do YOU think this team would be able to overcome any sort of disadvantages?

Salamence: Fly, Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Crunch.

Tyranitar: Ice Beam, Earthquake, Dark Pulse, Shock Wave.

Metagross: Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm.

Blastoise: Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Skull Bash.

Sceptile: Leaf Blade, False Swipe, Dragon Claw, Rock Smash.

Charizard: Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Heat Wave, Shadow Claw.

Any suggestions for improvement if any need?

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Some of your pokemon have same type attacks like blastoise with his aqua tail, hydro pump and water pulse. give him two more different like flash cannon and maybe earthquake.
I have a scizor and he has
Night slash-dark
iron head-steel
those attacks can deal with many types!!

Or is it aerial ace instead of night slash
What items would you suggest they hold? I have practically all of the items available. I have read by some that it is recommended not to equip items that boost types by only 10%. Whats your recommendation?
Most of the type-boosting items, like BlackGlasses, Mystic Water etc boost the moves of a type by 20%. Other good items to hold are Leftovers or Shell Bell.

Berries may be very useful in some cases - for example Salamence could hold a Yache Berry which will reduce damage done by Ice (one-time only). The Persim Berry cures confusion one time so would be good after using Outrage.
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Teach Earthquake to as many of your pokemon as possible. Ground has great type coverage.
Firstly, Salamance, weak to ice and rock. Try this. Earthquake(covers rock weakness), Flamethrower(for ice weakness), Dragon Claw(STAB), Fly(STAB).

Next, Tyranitar, weak to fighting, bug, grass, water, and steel.
Use this. Earthquake(to cover the steel weakness), Stone Edge(STAB), Crunch(STAB), Thunder Fang(to cover the water weakness) Or Fire Fang(To cover bug, grass, andsteel weaknesses).

Metagross, weak to ground and fire. This is good. Earthquake(to cover fire weakness), Zen Headbutt(STRONG STAB), Meteor Mash(Strong STAB), Hammer Arm(strng coverage move).

Now for Blastoise, weak to electric, and grass. Use this. Ice Beam(Grass weakness), Toxic(for good weakening), Earthquake(electric weakness), Surf(STAB).

Sceptile, weak to ice, fire, poison, flying, and bug. This is excellent. Earthquake(for fire weakness and poison), Rock Slide(to cover bug, ice, fire, and flying weakness), Energy Ball(or leaf blade if higher attack for STAB), X-Scizzor(strong move).

And now, Charizard, weak to rock, water, and electric. This is Excellent. Thunder Punch(for water weakness), Earthquake(for rock weakness, and electric) Flamethrower(STAB), and AirSlash(STAB).


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I see Metagross as my weakest link, so which attack should I replace for Earthquake.
Zen headbutt if he has higher special attack or psychic if he has higher attack. No point in having 2 attacks of the same type.
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First give the stats for your Pokemon so I can help. Replace Dragonbreath on Salamence with Iro Tail to neutralize Rock and Ice weakness. Tyranitar has higher Attack than Sp. Attack, so teach it Earthquake, Crunch, Aerial Ace (To deal wih Fighting and Grass) and Stone Edge. Metagross has no need for another Psychic attack so teach it Earthquke instead of Psychic becauseof higher attack. Blastoise hs higher Sp. Attack, so teach it Surf, Ice Beam, Toxic, and Flash Cannon. Sceptile is horrible in that it has higher Sp. Attack than attack so get Energy Ball, Toxic, Protect, and Synthesis. Charizard has no need for two fire type attacks, so replace Heat Wave with Earthquake. Replace Dragon claw with Dragon Pulse because Charizard has highr Sp. Attack. Replace Shadow Claw with Air Slash for the same reason plus STAB.

You shouldn't put earthquake for more than one pokemon
What if the only Pokemon that knows Earthquake is defeated? Plus it is one of the best moves in the game. The reason for it on these Pokemon is type coverage, mostly against weaknesses. My philosophy is that each Pokemon should be an unstoppable force on its own.
Your right about earthquake being one of  the strongest move