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I want to know all the Pros and Cons of Salamence so I can build a team around him.
EDIT: I need it only for competitive use really.

I know there is a question on Salamence and Haxorous, but that is for in game.

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  • Dragon Dance
  • Strong moves in Outrage, Earthquake
  • Moxie boosts Attack further
  • Scarf + Moxie hurts
  • Excellent late game sweeper


  • Walled by Skarmory, Ferrothorn etc.
  • Burn renders nearly useless (Same with Thunder Wave to a lesser extent)
  • Stopped by Intimidate pretty well in a fast-paced VGC meta
  • DD can take a bit of time to set up
  • DD variants are debateably outclassed by DD Dragonite, who has Multiscale + Weakness Policy as well as Extremespeed to bypass things like Talonflame who can otherwise still revengekill Salamence.

Just remember, when teambuilding around Salamence;
If you're running a purely physical Salamence, remember to have Pokemon that can take down Ferrothorn and Skarmory. It is also advisable to have a Rapid Spinner or Defogger to get rid of Stealth Rocks which strips 25% of Salamence's health immediately. Watch out for fast scarfers like Garchomp who can still outspeed you when you're boosted to +1. If you run a Scarf Set, make sure you can get rid of Fairy types and also it is important to have a good wallbreaker, which can weaken the opponent's team enough so you can sweep through.

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Do  Salamences run fire blast with a choice scarf or do they run outrage.