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I'm just Curious because Feraligatr is my Favorite Pokemon and all I just wanna know the Advantages and Disadvantages of it. Please and Thank you.



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pros :

feraligatr only has 2 weaknesses ( electric and grass )

it can learn earthquake and ice punch to cover both of its weaknesses

it has the high base attack of 105 and base defense of 100

it has the hidden ability of sheer force that will increase the power of crunch


it has quite average speed and sp defense meaning that if it is outsped by a electric or grass type they will be super effective

it has low sp attack that will mean most water moves are not too powerful ( but it learns aqua tail a physical water type move

sheer force wont stop superpower from lowering its attack and defense

hope I helped :)

nice anwser mate ;)
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  • Great HA

  • Decent coverage options

  • Dragon Dance helps

  • Good defensive typing

  • Good defense


  • Mediocre speed

  • Coverage is often weak

  • Mediocre special defense