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i want to catch a Ditto in FR but in the anime I saw that ditto is not always a good Pokemon so I would just like to know

Anime is fun but shouldn't be an indicator of a Pokemon's viability, or else Pikachu would be god and Snivy would own the world.
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First thing I want to mention is that the anime is a bad thing to use to determine how good a Pokemon is. The anime and the games are completely different, so what is good in the anime might be awful in the games and vice versa. A prime example is Ash's Pikachu, who makes Pikachu look like a fantastic Pokemon - that's not the case in the games. That said though, Ditto happens to be a fairly ordinary Pokemon in the games, at least in the competitive game. Obviously Ditto's usefulness often comes down to what it can transform into, so that's one thing to consider before reading this.

So I'll cover what Ditto does well first. The main thing it does well is being a revenge killer who is able to stop sweeps, even if the opponent's stats have ridiculous boosts. Impostor copies the opponent's boosts, so it has just as good of a chance of winning as the opponent does. To avoid speed ties, every Ditto set uses Choice Scarf, which guarantees you'll move first in most situations. If Ditto manages to win, you keep the boosts you copied from the opponent, which can allow you to sweep the opponent's team if they don't have a Pokemon that can beat you. These unique qualities mean Ditto can save you from being swept by your opponent and turn it into a threat to hyper offence teams.

Ditto sounds like a good revenge killer and potential sweeper if it can copy boosts, but its usefulness pretty much stops there. Besides its revenge killing capabilities, Ditto isn't a very good Pokemon. Its first problem is that it is very one dimensional. The only viable set is has is its Choice Scarf set, which makes it very predictable and simple to play around, especially since it'll be locked into a move due the Choice Scarf. Without a Choice Scarf, Ditto is much less useful as it risks a speed tie, which could have a bad result. The Choice Scarf also means Ditto can only afford to switch into offensive Pokemon, since defensive Pokemon won't appreciate being locked into a passive move like Toxic. You also have no control over what you transform into. If you didn't use Ditto, you'd be able to choose a Pokemon for the team slot, who you can then support with the rest of your team. However, you can't do this with Ditto, as you don't know what Pokemon it'll be transforming into each battle. This makes Ditto very hard to build a team around, because you don't know what Pokemon you'll be using.

Another problem with Ditto is that you may not get the moves you wanted when transforming. There are many Pokemon that have multiple sets that have different moves, some of which would be great on Ditto but others might not be. Take a Pokemon like Heatran, for example - it can use Choice Scarf, specially defensive, offensive and other sets. If you are going to copy Heatran because you want an offensive set, it could screw you up if it happens to be a defensive variant. Ditto also risks copying a Pokemon that walls itself - for example, if you copied a Steel type whose only attacking move was Iron Head, you'd be in trouble since your opponent completely walls you. Because of this, you need to stay away from lots of Pokemon since you can't do anything back to them, which decreases the amount of Pokemon that would be useful to bring Ditto into. Ditto also keeps its own awful HP stat when transforming, which removes a ton of its bulk and makes it a lot worse.

There are many Pokemon capable of revenge killing that don't suffer from the issues that Ditto does, so often it is outclassed. If a Pokemon that you choose can do the same thing as Ditto just as well, then why rely on luck to get a good Pokemon to transform into with Ditto? It's usually better to choose your Pokemon and build a team that supports it rather than use Ditto. Unless your team has problems with many common set-up sweepers, then Ditto is usually outclassed.

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Ok mr.copy-and-paste
what about quick powder instead of choice scarf
mailjiggly: well actually, Quick Powder only works for standard Ditto and not for when it transforms. Kinda useless since Ditto's only ability is to transform.
@Bakemono Ben: I wrote every word of this material myself. I am offended that your implicit assumption was that I would steal from another source. You will find through searching the web and in my direct addressing of the question that this is entirely my own work. Please fact-check yourself before you effectively accuse me of being a plagiarist.
@mailjiggly: As Reshiram stated, Quick Powder is quite useless as it doesn't work after Ditto transforms. The only reason it exists is so Ditto could move first and transform, before it got Impostor which fixed that issue.
but imposter is bad for triples or doubles because it does the pokemon right across so you dont get to choose who to transform into.
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Short Answer:


  • Can copy any Pokemon your opponent is using, perfect for scouting out the moves.
  • Can run Choice Scarf to speedcreep any offensive-based Pokemon.
  • A perfect call against setup sweepers.


  • More of a con itself; takes up a slot of your team, is a glue with no real role besides stopping setup sweepers and heavy offense teams which should be left for your better teammates.
  • Helpless stats and mediocre HP means it isn't very durable since HP is the only stat Ditto doesn't mimic.
  • Dependant on its dream world ability Imposter because Tranform takes up a turn and you'll be one-shot before even clicking on transform for Ditto has very bad bulk and passable speed.
  • Pretty passive facing defensive teams.

In short, I wouldn't use it at all.

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Pro: Ditto duplicates almost everything from it's opponent
Con: It keeps it's Hp stat

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You are all missing the fact that it can breed with any Non-Legendary Pokemon and can pass down any max IVs onto Pokemon with destiny knot, making it awesome for getting those competitive stats :D

True! But I considered the question was about Ditto's competitive usage in a team, not to build the team.