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I really love using this thing as a fast Baton Passer, but sometimes, I doubt the chicken...

Considering Blaziken is the best Baton Passer in the game for Swords Dance I'd go with the only down side being that it can't pass special attack well or at all.

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  1. Excellent (hidden) ability can be exploited really well
  2. Access to a sufficiently diverse move pool to pull off a successful Baton Passing strategy. Like Swords Dance, and even Agility if it doesn't have Speed Boost
  3. In case of trouble, it can bail itself out, unlike say, Ninjask, because superior sweeping stats.

Now the Cons

  1. Its defenses are not exactly enough to take a few hits or support it in general in the fast paced meta game
  2. It has moderate HP, not anything to be proud of (above average, but not all that special)
  3. Very few Pokémon are actually benefited. The kind of Pokémon you see where Blaziken thrives are the kind that don't need the boosting.
  4. Kind of waste of a move slot, when it itself is a strong sweeper.
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Tbh not really bad as a baton passer. It is a good strategy if used right, and can engineer a lot of wins if pulled correctly. I say you should risk it every now and then, but try to gauge the opponent before you try to set up.