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Also, would you recommend it on a team?

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This is about Gen5 Torterra, since it is unobtainable in Gen6.

  • 109 Attack and 105 Defense
  • Decent HP (95) and Special Stats (75/85)
  • Physical Movepool that includes Earthquake and Wood Hammer
  • Can Stall&Wall quite nicely using Leech Seed/Toxic/Synthesis and can still put out damage
  • STAB Earthquake
  • Has great coverage through TMs/Egg Moves like Superpower for Ice Types


  • God-Awful Speed (56)
  • 4 Weaknesses (and a x4 Weakness to Ice), most of the Sinnoh Starters
  • Near-Useless Abilities Competitively (Overgrow/Shell Armor)
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