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My Pokemon are:

Altaria: (My mega, so of corse will hold mega stone)
Lucario (mixed sweeper):
Greninja (special sweeper):
Abomasnow (i dont know yet):
Aegislash (i dont know yet):
Infernape (Physical sweeper):

Competitive or in-game?

2 Answers

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My Opinion:

Lucario: Life Orb
Greninja: Life Orb as well
Abomasnow: If you can give me its moves, I can give an Item
Aegislash: If you have it Physical or Special, Lefties, if it is Mixed, then Weakness Policy
Infernape: If Jolly Nature, Choice Band, if Adamant, Choice Scarf

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Lucario: Either Choice Scarf or Life Orb depending on the nature
Greninja: Life Orb. If your using Life Orb on Lucario already, use an Expert Belt
Abomasnow: I assume this is physical since it gets the best movepool in physical. Either Choice Band or Leftovers. Whichever one. Leftovers if you don't wanna get locked into a move.
Aegislash: Weakness Policy.
Infernape: Focus Sash with Swords Dance. Choice Scarf if a Jolly nature. Band with an Adamant Nature if Abomasnow hasn't taken up that slot already.

Where to get these items

Life Orb: Battle Maison for 48 BP
Expert Belt: Route 110
Choice Band: Battle Maison for 48 BP
Leftovers: Bottom of S.S Tidal when sailing from Lilycove to Slateport/Battle Resort
Weakness Policy: Battle Maison for 32 BP
Focus Sash: Battle Maison for 48 BP
Choice Scarf; Battle Maison for 48 BP
Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!