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Ice type moves were neutral against Fire type Pokémon. Why?

It's probably because fires weaken when the surrounding air becomes cold, or if ice is thrown into it. I think it makes more sense that way.

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probably because they did not think of it. Pokemon changes a lot. apparently according to you it was not resistant. just like garydos was a dragon type

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Wrong, this isn't enough to get BA. It needs more detail as to why Fire did not resist Ice in Gen 1.
We don't know the reason why because there wasn't one made public. it's literally impossible for us to know why this happened. Maybe it was an oversight, maybe they just didn't care the first time around and decided to change it later, maybe it was the sort of logic that sumwun mentioned but then for some reason we also don't know changed it back or maybe they had balancing issues. We just straight up don't know and have no way to find out past speculation. And the quality of speculation doesn't get any better than what I just said.
Was gyarados really a dragon type?