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When you think about it, it seems strange that Fire types can get frozen. Not only does Fire resist Ice, but Fire types are hot. Hot things melt ice. It seems unlogical that a dragon lizard with fire on it's tail or a lava slug that's supposedly "18000 degrees F" can be frozen by an ice beam.

Game Freak logic.
Same question I was wondering, but I won't ask too many questions.
It is probably to keep Fire types in check.  Fire types are already immune to Burns, so that is probably why.
I agree @Jhnfui and so many fire types are so offensive that burn immunity is good, and if they had freeze immunity too it would make ice types even more useless.
Real fires become weaker when it gets cold. The fire itself is very hard to freeze, but whatever stuff it's burning can freeze sometimes.

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Game Freak Logic
First of all, I totally agree that Fire types shouldn't get frozen, but that's the way Game Freak wanted it. Also, if Fire types can't get frozen, don't you think it may be a bit too overpowered? I mean, they are already immune to burns, if they were immune to Freeze, that would clearly be too powerful. Fire is also a very offensive type, being immune to Freeze will be too strong, making Fire types too powerful. I'm sorry, that's just the way it is.

The simple answer is just that they would be too overpowered being immune to both Freeze and Burns.

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Makes sense. Thanks.
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