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I just wanted to know.
It might be Grass/Steel, only being weak to Fire and Fighting.

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do you mean the least weaknesses?

bug steel is only weak to fire
Normal/- is weak to Fighting, Electric/- is weak to Ground, and Poison/Dark is weak to Ground. Also, Normal/Ghost is weak to Dark.

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Its Bug/Steel, Water/Ground, and Dark/Ghost (If you meant weaknesses, which is what I think you meant). Bug/Steel (Genesect) has only 1 weakness (4x to Fire), Ground/Water (Swampert and others) (4x to Grass), and Dark/Ghost (Sableye, Spiritomb) (2x to Fairy) all only have one weakness as of Gen 6. Before Gen 6 (XY) Fairy types did not exist so Dark/Ghost had no weaknesses, making it the victor. Because of Gen 6, these 3 dual types are tied for first. The Tynamo line has no weaknesses due to levitate, but that is an ability + typing. The singular type with the least weaknesses is electric, with a weakness to only ground, so it is also tied with the dual types above. Hope this helps!!!

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Bug/steel is only weak to fire.
Dragon/water is weak to dragon and fairy.
Pure normal is only weak to fighting.

dragon water is weak to two types