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Through the use of Trick-or-Treat AND Forest's Curse, which dual-type (triple type, when one of these two moves are used on them) would result in the least number of weaknesses?

Have your answer include the least weaknesses when Forest's Curse is used on a dual-type AND the least weaknesses when Trick-or-Treat is used on a dual-type.

Also, this must be done without the help of an ability.

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This reminds me that, a while ago, I made triple type charts. I'm sure that there are some errors, and I only got half of them done, but I'll link them here, anyway. https://imgur.com/a/mSJQe
Do items/moves count? A Normal/Electric/Ghost Heliolisk with Trick-or-Treat and either Air Balloon and Magnet Rise (Baton Pass) would only be weak to Dark, assuming the Normal and Ghost types cancelled each other's weaknesses like they should.
No, just the use of Trick-or-Treat and Forest's Curse. No items or other moves, please.
Also I added your comment to your description where it's easier to notice :)
Ok. Thanks.

Also, I haven't found the least weaknesses when Forest's Curse is used, but I attempted to find the least weaknesses when Trick-or-Treat is used and I found this:

Normal/(Ghost)/-: only weak to Dark
Normal/Psychic/(Ghost): only weak to Dark(4x)
Normal/Dark/(Ghost): only weak to Fairy
Normal/Fairy/(Ghost): only weak to Steel
Poison/Dark/(Ghost): only weak to Ground
^ To get all of the junk at the top is to:
Normal/Ghost Trick-Or-Treat on a pure Normal Pokemon
Normal/Psychic/Ghost Trick-or-Treat on Oranguru
Normal/Dark/Ghost Trick-Or-Treat on Alolan Raticate
Normal/Fairy/Ghost. Trick-Or-treat on Wigglytuff
Poison/Dark/Ghost. Use Trick-Or-Treat on Drapion or Skuntank.
Espeon, for Normal/Dark/Ghost and Normal/Fairy/Ghost,  use Trick-or-Treat on an Alolan Raticate and Wigglytuff respectively.
Sorry. I used Google Images and memory to find pokemon types. I edited the comments.

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Forest's Curse, least # of weaknesses: 1
Steel/Fairy/Grass, weak to Fire

Trick-Or-Treat, least # of weaknesses: 1
Normal/Ghost, weak to Dark
Normal/Psychic/Ghost, weak to Dark
Normal/Dark/Ghost, weak to Fairy
Normal/Fairy/Ghost, weak to Steel
Poison/Dark/Ghost, weak to Ground
Dark/Ghost, weak to Fairy

Sources: Used this program to calculate the number of weaknesses for all possible Forest's Curse/Trick-Or-Treat combinations, and then this one to find the weaknesses of each combination.

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Thanks, bro.
"This one" is the best and quickest way to calculate multi-typed Pokémon. I love it! :)