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My team is Drifblim, Ninjask, Genesect, Mixed Giratina-O and Shaymin-S. Admire the Ice weakness ._.

Since when is Drifblim or Ninjask Uber???
You can use lower tiers in higher tiers...
Drifblim for Evasion passing, and Ninjask to provide Speed.
How about you just start over. This ubers team...

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Holy, that Ice weakness.

Bold = Recommended

  • Arceus-Fire
  • Arceus-Steel
  • Arceus-Water (Also eases your Fire weakness)
  • Kyogre (Also eases your Fire weakness)
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._. Thanks.
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Arceus-Steel or Dialga

Never knew Dialga resisted Ice.
i know it neutral but it can tank a lot of them ._.
Thanks, Tutor.
lol, don't use Arceus-Steel.
You get a Fire weakness to lol