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Hello, I am playing my old Pokemon gold game and every time I play I usually do lapras for water/ice combo. I saw cloyster has similar attack stats but totally different defense. Anyone know if its worth it playing as cloyster or should I just stick with lapras? thanks

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Aurora beam/Ice beam
If you want Shellder to evelove early choose aurora beam if late use ice beam.

Good water type move useful in game

Spike cannon
Great move

You said that you would use him in game then I would choose whirlpool. Because it is great when you need in outside of battle but if you gonna use him to win over the E4 I would choose Blizzard


Ice beam
Great power

Rain dance
Powers up water type moves and Thunder Accuracy

Surf/Hydro pump
Choose which of them you want Hydro pump for damage Surf for HM.

Great power 100% accuracy during rain

Hope this helps

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Hey, great answer! +1.
Well I never knew about that thunder setup with lapras that is pretty cool.