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I get that Water type moves aren't super effective on Ice types. It's probably because Ice type Pokemon have cold bodies that are too cold to be melted. But why not Scald? Seeing how Scald is hot water, based on the fact that it has the chance to burn, why isn't it super effective against Ice types? Fire melts Ice, hot water melts ice, so I don't get why Ice types aren't weak to Scald.

Too strong if it beat ice
Game Freak logic

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Game Freak not wanting to change Scald to be Super Effective against Ice Types is your reason right there. Additionally, my theory is let's look at Ice Types. They are really poor defensively with weaknesses to Fire, Rock, Fighting and Steel respectively. Now, I don't think Game Freak wanted to make Ice any worse, especially with all the Pokemon that run Scald. So, while I do agree that Scald should be super effective against Ice, Game Freak didn't want it to, but it could be the reason I listed above as well.

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That... actually makes sense. I never thought of it that way. Thanks.
Yeah, it might be too powerful and make Ice too frail.