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We all know that water kills bugs easily, and many people use poison to get rid of bugs. So is there a reason why neither of them are super effective against Bug types?

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well to be fair, water drowns bugs because they're small, not because of their bug biology
Logically speaking bug not being weak to poison makes sense in an organic sense I suppose because bugs are pretty tenacious (look at cockroaches) and some bugs carry their own venom so they are not weak to other venoms or posions.  (of course that is assuming the same venom it carries is being used against it.)  It is just my thought on it and only an opinion though XD

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Because Game Freak decided it would be that way.

In fact, Bug was weak to Poison in the first generation. However, in Generation 2, it lost that weakness. The reason speculated is because Bug is already too weak, and more weaknesses would just make it worse.

Not everything in Pokemon is logical. Some is also done for balancing, like making Bug super effective against Dark. And Normal would probably be weak to everything if the type chart was accurate.

Source: Reasoning skills

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Makes sense, thanks
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also some bugs are actually immune to poison or at least resistant to it
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Bugs are only really affected by boiling water which only two moves are being scald and steam eruption. sure if you cover a bug in water it will drown but so will other things.
Also I think the weakness to poison was removed because bugs are resistant to pesticides and because of balancing

Bugs aren't resistant to pesticides. They are the reason they are out on. And while some bugs have evolved to resist it, many are still vulnerable to it