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electric -> water: water causes short-circuiting.
ground -> steel: skyscrapers reinforced against earthquakes have steel skeletons. also, almost all digging tools are made of metal.
psychic -> poison: Pretty sure psychedelic drugs are supposed to trash nervous tissue.
flying -> fighting: I've never seen a martial artist who was afraid of birds.
fighting -> normal: "normal" creatures are generally weaker to other attacks such as fire, poison, or steel.
electric -> flying: I've actually seen this relationship with multiple other video games. I've wondered about this for a while.
ice -> dragon: ???

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What are you asking here exactly, why Ice is strong against Dragons or all of them?
psychic -> poison: when you put your mind to it, you can clean up the things that have polluted the area
flying -> fighting: every martial artist has a blind spot and bird of a feather, flock together
electric -> flying: you don't see birds in a storm, the electricity will singe them to the point where they can't fly
ice -> dragon: dragons are reptiles so they will succumb to the cold
Steel skeletons have little to no bearing on the earthquake resistance, it's the vibration minimization and base isolation which gives buildings some structural foundation against earthquakes.
i wonder why poison is not effective against steel type when poison corrodes metal?
I'm busy wondering why poison resists itself when mixing poisons can cause violent chemical reactions.

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I'm asssuming youre asking about the logic behind these types? Well there is no true answer, but here are my thoughts:

Electric and Water: If you're in water and electricity hits the water... Bad things will happen.
Ground and Steel: Think of it as if the earth is reverting the steel back to its natural form. Also, theres the Nature > Man-Made Creations thing.
Psychic and Poison: Think of psychic as being smart and poison as dirty tricks. Good > Evil, right?
Flying and Fighting: If you can fly, you'll usually get an advantage in fights.
Fighting and Normal: A person trained for fights will be stronger than an average guy on the street. Also, they cant give the normal type too many weaknesses, it would become unbalanced.
Electric and Flying: A bird struck by lightning isnt going to be very happy. You wouldnt be either if your plane was hit by lightning.
Ice and Dragon: Dragons are reptiles, which are cold-blooded. In the cold, they would be struggling.

Of course, you can also just blame it on game freak logic or for the sake of having balanced types.

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Birds can't fly if their wings are frosty, which can be fatal if they hang around on the ground (where predators roam around) too long. If they're flying and get caught in a hail-/snowstorm that can also finish them off.

And if anyones confused about fighting and flying, just imagine a scenario where youre fighting an opponent who can fly and they just fly up and throw rocks at your or kick you in the face.
Like Batman :D

• Flies around, out of fist range
• Kicks you in the face while flying
• Mr. Freeze

Coincidence? I think not!!
Actually, popular theory goes that Psychic > Poison because when a person is ill/poisoned, his mental state greatly affects his recovery. A mentally strong person always recovers faster.
Good > Evil, yeah. But what about Poison > Fairy?
It's most likely because fairies are nature spirits, which suffer from pollution.