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If not what is the cons of these Pokemon?Low stats?Low move pool?Anything that would make them not as good as the other Pokemon?

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Nope, there is nothing. Though, you could use Foresight / Odor Sleuth and hit them with a Fighting-Move. And their cons are: Spiritomb has awful Speed and HP, and lies in RarelyUsed. Sableye is actually quite good, with Prankster. He's awesome for stalling, and decimating Physical Attackers with Will-O-Wisp. Although, his Stats are very low, despite being in UU. (Only there because of Prankster, really). His stats are lower than most NU Pokemon, really.

Edit: with Generation 6 around, the addition of the fairy type now gives these two Pokemon weaknesses.

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Yep that's the only way to get a supereffective move on these pokemon.
what are their cons???
Give time :3
Give time to who? Durant? Klinklang?
If you can use soak and turn them into a water type! this is pretty much the only way to make it them vulnerable and very few pokemon carry it.
with the new fairy type sableye and spiritomb have 1 weakness and its fairy
Florges wrecks sableye leads