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Are there any statements in early development stages of the first games, or references in the Manga Etc.? The reason I feel this could/should have been a thing is the concept of ninjas and what they represent. Ninjas as I understand it are about hiding in the shadows and using illusions (the smoke and mirrors technique) to delude the mindset of your opponent (making it super effective), and Psychic is based on the mind. It appears the Poison type was/is based on ninjas, even the Poison Gym leader of gen I makes references to himself as being a ninja. Poison in some aspects are also about toxins (including the mind altering effect of drugs and alcohol) and how they weaken the mind. The Poison gym leader's name is also Koga. Greninja, with the clear reference to ninja in the name, has the Japanese name of GeKOGA, strengthening the ninja connection, BUT, Greninja was made DARK, which IS super effective against Psychic. On a non-ninja topic, had Poison been strong against Psychic, the Gen I Ghosts, along with the Poison/Bug Pokémon, would hove been as strong as they were intended to be against Psychic, a Fault that was partly corrected when Ghost was made super effective against Psychic in gen II. Obviously, all of this is hypothetical, what I want to know is, has anybody seen any tangible evidence to back my theory, or am I just fan crushing on this idea?

Nope, I have never heard of this "theory".
In which game does Koga make the reference?
@poketrainer67 if you are talking about koga's referencing himself as a ninja, they appear in all games he is in (RBY, FRLG, HGSS)

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This has already been answered by @sumwun but I have some details I would like to share.

The name may have been deprived from the school known as Kōga-ryū from a Japanese legend. It's a school that teaches Ninjitsu, in which the students (Shinobi) are trained in disguise, escape, concealment, explosives, medicines and poison; moreover, they are experts in techniques of unarmed combat (Taijutsu) and in the use of various weapons.

The use of Poison and Medicine may refer to Koga, Gekkouga may be Dark due to Disguise, escape and concealment, while everything in general refers to both.

Also, there was a time when had read the whole Bulbapedia article of scrapped features and such (don't judge me) and never had heard of Poison being strong against Psychic. (edit: I can't find the page, I was probably thinking of something else.)

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kōga-ryū

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Thanks. Although this doesn't actually confirm anything, it does support my reasoning (and expose my misspelling of Gekkouga). Although I was under the assumption that the Dark type was not the most accurate translation, more like sinister, evil, or mean, rather than darkness
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This was never the case.
By the way, the most popular theory about why psychic is super effective against poison is because poison was related to fatal diseases, and psychic was related to willpower. Apparently people have a much higher chance to survive diseases if they have the will to live.