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I’m playing through White 2 and realized that whenever I use a ghost type move on a psychic type, it’s not super effective. When I realized this, the Pokémon I was battling was a pure psychic type. This happens in both trainer and wild battles. Could this be a glitch?

What are the Pokémon in question, and what move/s are you using?
Hi,  I'm playing Pokemon for a long time.
Ghost types are super effective to psychic types. this is probably a glitch
This was not a glitch if you are playing gen1 games. It may be a glitch or your game copy's defect.
Weird, didn't see anything about this on the Bulbapedia glitch page. It probably has something to do what move you used.

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Did you use Night Shade? Night Shade doesn't take weakness or resistance into account (but still does not effect types it is immune to), as it does damage equal to the user's Level.

If you didn't, what move did you use against what Pokémon?

The Psychic type Pokémon you could've battled are Munna, Musharma, Woobat, Swoobat, Espeon, Sigilyph, Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle, Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus, Baltoy, Claydol, Elgyem, Beheeyem, Spoink, Grumpig, Lunatone, Solrock, Starmie, Bronzor, Bronzong, Beldum, Metang, and Metagross.

Only 5 on the Pokémon you could've encountered wild/in a trainer's party take Neutral Ghost damage: Bronzor, Bronzong, Beldum, Metang, and Metagross. If you fought them and used a Ghost type move, your attacks would've hit neutrally.

Source (for all the Psychic Types)

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