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In Pokemon: The Psychic Sidekicks, they use psychic types against ghost types. Whats up with that?

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I have no idea what you mean and I'm quite good at this stuff.
this is only a guess but maybe in the pokemon anime that people use psychic types against ghost types? probably wrong :D
The animie is never correct.I know why there is -2 votes here
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Are you talking about the anime episode The Psychic Sidekicks?

The anime is never perfectly the same as the game; the anime and the games are almost like two different views at the Pokemon world. It is full of incorrect and silly information, such as when it was stated that Arbok evolves into Seviper.

This is just another mistake in the anime. However, it should be noted that the Ghost-types seen in the episode were Gengar, which are weak to Psychic attacks due to their secondary typing, Poison.

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It should also be noted that Girafarig are immune to Ghost due to their Normal typing.
yes you are right
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In Gen I, the battle mechanics were different. Psychic Pokemon were immune to the Ghost type, and that's why Cherry's village raised Psychic Pokemon to counter Ghost types. Psychic does x1 damage to Ghost in all generations, but in Gen I they had the benefit of immunity, and also the Gastly evolution line was the only Ghost type in Gen I, to which Psychic was super effective against due to its part Poison typing. That's why Psychic Pokemon were used.

You also might be mixing up Ghost & Dark types, the latter of which is immune to Psychic; Dark didn't come into Pokemon as a type until Gen II.

Ghost type battle properties - Bulbapedia

But these are Gen II battle mechanics. :P
Hmm? I could've sworn that episode was Gen I. o_o Then again, I was really young when I watched it OTL.