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It has good movepool and it is very tanky, making its own team tanky using G-Max Resonance, but no one ever uses it

Is this Doubles?
Yes, it is vgc 2020
VGC is Doubles.
Then I hv no idea
I don’t play VGC so I need to read the rules...

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I want to say first that this is from what I've used it and my point of veiw, and I'm not the most amazing vgc player so...

Pros. As you mentioned, it has gmax resonance, as well as very good bulk. It can be used for something like perish trapping with dugtrio. This works suprisingly well, and lapras can hit the flying types who can still switch from arena trap hard by blizzard or ice beam, as well as thunderbolt if you decide to use it. Gmax resonance also puts aura veil, making it a bit harder to ko the both of them

Cons. Dynamaxing is only able to be used once, but it can ohko or 2hko many Pokemon while in this form. This makes your dynamaxer normally hyper offensive, and perish trapping doesn't even gaurentee 2 kos. It is a somehwat waste of a dynamax, as you'll get only 2 kos with luck, but if no then just 1. You can get 3 kos with a hyper offensive other dynamax Pokemon if you're lucky, and so it ends up being somewhat of a waste. And if the ko dugttio, the strat is over and your dynamax is wasted.

Conclusion: it seems good at first, but it comes to and end when you see how much other dynamaxers are doing in their 3 turns. Having a Pokemon with not amazing damage, as well as only setting rain and aura veil, instead of possibly leaving them eith one Pokemon, isn't so good. So, it wastes your dynamax for how little it can do, so it's not a very good choice.

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Lapras can't use perish song when Gigantamaxed. Its main advantage is setting aurora veil. How are you sure that hyper offensive Lapras can get 3 KOs only if it's lucky?
Oh sorry did it come out that way? I met the you use perish song before  and OTHER dynamaxers could get 3 kos if they were lucky with matchups, not lapras
I thought the question asked about Gmax Lapras, not Lapras with a Dynamax teammate.
I was saying another dynamaxer would be more effective over lapras, which is why it's in the cons
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I think Gmax Lapras is useful in VGC. It's the only Pokemon that can do damage and set aurora veil at the same time, so the Dynamax is not wasted even if it doesn't get any KOs. Lapras's water/ice/electric coverage is not resisted by anything. Lapras got over 6% and 9% usage in Series 5 and Series 6, respectively, last month, so I don't know why you think no one ever uses it.