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Blunder Policy doesn't look like it is frequently used, but it is really good on Dracozolt, and Dracozolt got 14% used rate last month, so is it Viable in VGC or not. I am specifically talking about battle stadium doubles.

I think it will not ever be entirely viable because it relies on moves missing, which is why it is used On Dracozolt because of Hustle.  As a result, it can really only be used on certain Pokémon.
Dynamic punch + blunder policy
Dynamic Punch has horrible accuracy everyone knows, but what do I do after that?
Inferno, Zap Cannon, and Dynamic Punch do good with Blunder Policy
I think what prof is saying is that after getting policy to work, what use do those moves have? Your hitting (theoretically) every other turn, and it's a bit of a wasted moveslot then.
Even with hustle, Dracozolt's moves still hit 80% of the time, so blunder policy is still useless 80% of the time. I'm pretty sure the blunder policy isn't good on any Pokemon.
Dracozolt Dynamaxes anyway there's basically no point in using it over a Life Orb since it gets Max Airsteam.

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Not really, no.
Blunder Policy requires an inaccurate move, and those often aren’t very good. Pokémon could just boost their speed with Agility, Max Airstream, or a Choice Scarf. You are better off just running a Life Orb or a Choice Scarf or something that’s better.

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