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About me: Mimikyu's base stats are unrealistically high for a pokemon that's only 8 inches tall. Its base stats are:
HP 55
ATK 90
DEF 80
Sp.A 50
Sp.D 105
Spd 96

At level 50 with Jolly nature Mimikyu's speed almost unmatched. This is all before mentioning its absurd ability [Disguise] which literally negates one attack (free setup turn for swords dance sweep) which is just unreal. Also since this thing is a Fairy type it can OTK any legendary and pseudo legendary dragon...

Why is this thing not banned?
... and if it ia banned it better stay banned although if you go to ranked battles in Pokemon Sun and Moon people are using Mimikyu which is just so cheap. Sure you can whittle away at Mimikyu's health with curse and or toxic damage but do you really think yoy're gonna survive more than 2 turns against Mimikyu? Its literally the cheapest pokemon I've ever seen in my life, so much so that I bred my own. That is not how I want to prioritize pokemons, based on how cheat they are.

Its not cool.
Anyways, Twinkle Tackle is literally OHKO on anything that doesnt resist it. I just cant stress enough how unfair of a Pokemon this is. who in their right minds thought it was a good idea to have a mon that literally endures any attack and keeps full HP whole doing so? Pair Mimikyu with Substitute and... you get the point. It needs to be banned.

Yeah... I figured you'd erase my question

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