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So i've just gotten confirmed that the reason a Pokemon is shiny in gen 6 is because if a Pokemon's secret ID matches the trainers ID it will be a shiny. So, if I breed and hatch a shiny Pokemon, if I soft reset that egg in that game, it will always be shiny. But, if I send over that Egg to X for example, and hatch the Egg, it won't be shiny since it's secret ID doesn't match the trainer ID.
So now i'm wondering what if I masuda method breed in Y, but trade the Eggs to X to hatch, would that cancel out the shiny rate that the masuda method applies? Because wouldn't the shiny rate from my Pokemon Y game only affect a higher rate to roll a Pokemon with the secret ID to match the trainer ID in Y? Or does it still have the increased shiny rate even though the Eggs were traded to X with a different trainer ID?
(The reason i'm doing this is because I want a shiny Pansear in X at the very start of the game with me being the OT. I had full odds shiny hunted in Santalune Forest for a month and hadn't found a shiny Pansear yet and was looking for other easier ways to get one.)

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Masuda Method won’t work if you trade the eggs over to another game because, as you guessed, MM only tries to find a shiny for the game it’s bred in. In fact, using MM and then trading the egg over would make your shiny odds worse than the standard 1/4096. The best way to get a shiny Pokémon by breeding and then trading is to not use the Masuda Method, then trade every egg you get and hatch them in X until you get a full-odds shiny.

EDIT: should probably add that the Shiny Charm also worsens your odds if you trade the egg.

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