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Isn’t the answer here just “do what you want to do”? You didn’t really give any detail so we can’t say. Do what you want to your team
Honestly, which pokemon you use depends on the rest of your team, but it's up to you to choose. Pokemon really isn't THAT difficult, you should be fine with either pokemon.
I'm going to re-write the question so it asks generally which is more effective for the playthrough. It should be answerable that way.

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- Incredibly fast
- Decent Attack of 90
- Venipede can be found very early
- Whirlipede evolves somewhat quickly
- Learns moves like Megahorn, Poison Tail, Toxic, and Strength
- Frail
- Poor movepool and no good Bug STAB without a Heart Scale
- Bug/Poison is weak to four types and is a redundant offensive type

- Phenomenal base Attack of 135, one of the highest in the game
- Solid defensive stats of 70/105/105
- Karrablast can be found just before the fifth Gym
- Just one weakness
- Learns moves like X-Scissor, Swords Dance, False Swipe, Iron Head, and Headbutt
- You must trade with another player's Shelmet to evolve Karrablast
- Very slow
- 4x weakness to Fire

If you have the tools necessary to get Escavalier, then it's better both offensively and defensively. Scolipede is better if you want a faster Pokemon that can still do damage, if a bit weaker and slightly inconvenient to get STAB. I'll give a set for each:

Escavalier @ Muscle Band / SilverPowder
Ability: Swarm
- Iron Head
- X-Scissor
- Slash / Headbutt
- False Swipe / Swords Dance / Reversal

Scolipede @ SilverPowder / Poison Barb
Ability: Swarm
- Megahorn
- Poison Tail
- Toxic
- Strength / Double-Edge

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thanks man
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Question: What level does Escavalier learn Iron Head
For simple questions like that, you can just visit the pokemon's pokedex page. :)
ye i know  but some website says that escavalier learns it at lvl 37 why is that? is it because that escavalier can learn iron head on lvl 37 on unova dex from other websites
Well the problem of escavalier is that you need to find a Shelmet and trade with it to another trainer but it is easy on brick bronze
It's because Escavalier learns iron head at level 37 in gens 5 to 7 and level 40 in gen 8 games. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Iron_Head_(move)