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Is this Doubles OU or some other kind of doubles?
Difficult to say unless you mention the rest of your team. It's not the worst combo, but it boils down to other details such as which tier you intend to play, and which other Pokemon you want to use. Chandelure is not the best TR setter in the game, but it's also not the worst so it boils down to whether you can make it work.

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You didn't respond to my comment, so I'll assume this is DOU. Please correct me if this assumption is wrong.

Escavalier is outclassed by Bisharp, because Bisharp has significantly better offensive typing, ability, and movepool.

Thanks to an excellent ability, high Attack, and dangerous STAB moves, Bisharp has no problem threatening opposing teams. Defiant is one of the best abilities in the metagame because it punishes common Intimidate users such as Landorus-T and Gyarados for switching in, as well as letting Bisharp take advantage of moves such as Icy Wind and Snarl for free Attack boosts. Knock Off makes Bisharp very difficult to switch into while dealing large amounts of damage, and Sucker Punch lets it take out frailer Pokemon and helps compensate for its middling Speed.

Chandelure is almost completely outclassed by Volcanion, because Volcanion has better stats and typing.

Volcanion is a powerful bulky special attacker with a great offensive and defensive typing in Water / Fire that enables it to check many top-tier threats such as Heatran, Talonflame, Jirachi, Amoonguss, and Aegislash. Its ability, Water Absorb, allows it to sit in on most Water-type attackers, and its high Defense stat allows it to tank even super effective physical hits.

So use Bisharp and Volcanion if you want to use trick room in gen 8 DOU.

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