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When I did a Ranked Battle I lost because of Trick Room. I wanted to do the same so I bough the TM. But I don't know which Pokemon would be good to set it up. This is for Doubles.

Hatterene uses Trick Room nicely, imo.
It also depends on your team.

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Hatterene - Hatterene is one of the best Trick Room setters because it can't be Taunted, so it requires extra effort to prevent Trick Room. It also has a really good special attack and a spread move in Dazzling Gleam.

Dusclops - Dusclops doesn't have Magic Bounce, but it has so much bulk with Eviolite that it will most of the time pull off a Trick Room. It can also support with Will-O-Wisp, Ally Switch, and Helping Hand, but can also go on the offensive with Night Shade.

These are probably the two best Trick Room setters in VGC.

Hope this helped!

I mean I just cheked but Hatterene doesn't have much Sp. Def.
103 base special defense??? or do you mean compared to dusknoir
Compared to Dusknoir.
And mine has Hatterene has Healer I think.
alright since you don't have a magic bounce hatterene you could use dusknoir