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Basically, what's the maximum speed a Pokemon for Trick Room should have? I know the lower speed, the better, but what's the highest this low speed can go? (If that makes sense.)

Normally it's 60 and lower. 70 and higher is bad.
Keep in mind 70 is devil itself; too slow outside of Trick Room and "too slow" inside of Trick Room. It's like a curse to hold 70 base speed.
But with minimal speed input and a speed lowering nature, 70 isn't TOO bad, so it all depends on the pokemon with that 70 speed to see if it's worth it, because a pokemon with 70 speed is still slower than fast sweepers.

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So the only listing of Trick Room speed tiering that I could find was for VGC 2015, not Smogon OU, but the basics of TR don't change much from format to format.

>These Pokémon are largely favored on Trick Room teams due to their naturally lower base Speed, allowing them to move before faster Pokémon under Trick Room conditions. Most of them have had their Speed lowered further by a negative Nature and a 0 Speed IV in order to optimize their effectiveness in Trick Room. ~ Nugget Bridge

So basically you click the above link, then scroll down to 'Trick Room Zone'. It has a handy chart of almost all Pokémon with Speed stats usable in TR, as well as what IVs and EVs are required, as well as if they need a negative or neutral Nature.

Note that the 'Max Speed' section is set for level 50 (which is the level format for VGC) and not 100 (the level format for 99% of Smogon), but the principal is the same.

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