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If one Pokemon uses thunder wave, and then another Pokemon uses Trick Room. Would the Paralyzed Pokemon then move even faster, or would it's speed stay and it would still be very slow?

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Paralysis should decrease the Pokemon's speed and make it more likely to move first in the trick room. I would test this on Showdown!, but my web browser is being dumb right now.

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The paralysis speed drop comes into effect before Trick Room does. So paralyzing a Pokemon will make it faster if Trick Room is in effect.

As you can see from this battle, Lycanroc was faster than Pikachu, and therefore, it moved after it during Trick Room. However, after being paralyzed by Thunder Wave, Lycanroc moved before Pikachu.

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Thanks! Now I have an extra move-slot on my Trick Room Musharna!
No problem :)