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what is smartest, to max out chandelures speed to 284 or to minimize it to 148 and teach it trick room?
it has decent speed, but most things will outspeed it so I'm not sure...

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You thought about Trick Room because of The Flaming Spade in youtube, right?
i know who theflamingspade is, but not that he used/uses a trick room chandelure, so answer to your question is no, but ill check it out! do you have a link?

He sends his Chandelure in 06:51, and he said in the video it is Trick Room Chandelure.
thanks! ill check it out
Chat? now?
i'm there now

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I actually would prefer the Trick Room with minimum speed, because then you can invest some EVs in HP and Defenses, and if so, then the moveset would be:


EVs - 252 Defense/152 HP/104 Sp. Defense.

  • Calm Mind - This will let you have pretty good special stats.

  • Flamethrower - STAB, reliability.

  • Trick Room - Anything to say?

  • Energy Ball/Shadow Ball - Coverage or STAB? your decision.

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Also,it would help to have the lowest Speed IVs Possible.
that's a pretty good moveset! but i would like to have both energy ball and shadow ball so im not really sure... suggestion?
NJ,I would have to disagree with you on the EV spread. Chandelure does have good natural bulk 90 in both defenses,so investing in them isn't that good,instead they should be invested in Sp.atk. to truly make Chandelure a Trick Room Sweeper.
I'd have to say Energy Ball, because of more usefulness in coverage.
yes energy ball is more useful in type coverage, but shadow ball is also stab, plus useful to counter other ghost.
but how about investing evs in sp.atk, and have shadow ball instead of calm mind? just and idea...
That's a very good idea,since you would have massive Sp.atk if you invest in it and you won't need Calm Mind to raise it.