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It's for my online trick room team (I like chicken)

Honestly I prefer Shell Armor.

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Personally I prefer Shell Armor as you're likely to only have one Bug move that would be powered up by Swarm. If you have all moves being bug type moves then I suggest fixing that :P

To break it down.

Shell Armor > Great for setting up/passing on Defense boosts/surviving like a baws
Swarm - Redundant

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Swarm is the vastly superior option. Shell Armor's ability to protect from critical hits is rather situational, and in the few turns one has to take advantage of trick room a critical hit will be quite rare. But more importantly, Escavalier needs all the power it can get. Escavalier has an attack stat equivalent to Salamence, but lacks good coverage. It can barely hit most steel and fire types. As such, a boosted Megahorn is needed to power through these threats, and Escavalier will typically fall into Swarm range after a couple powerful neutral hits. Basically, go with Swarm.

Source: I've used Trick Room Escavalier Myself. I would advise giving it rain support, but it is not required.

However if like me you run TRSubDance Esca then a hit which might not break your Sub will when becoming a crit. You can just set-up the Sub again but you waste HP and a valuable turn doing so. That and crits happen when you don't want them to, and most decent movesets will only be using one Bug type move and Bug has limited coverage anyways.

Still nice answer ;)
Oh yeah I ran a strait up attacking Esca, either with Band, LO or Bug Gem in Doubles. Your answer is quite nice as well :)
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I think Swarm is a better ability for because it's defenses are amazing with 70/105/105, so it can easily get less than a 1/3 of HP to power up those STAB bug moves.
Shell Armor is mostly useless because critical hits are very rare, only a 6.25% chance, so Swarm is way better.

Hope I Helped.

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If its in trick room, Swarm powers up X-scissor and Megahorn. In case you get caught out of trick room, make it have a Custap Berry and Swarm. If it is meant to be a defensive Pokemon, give it shell armor to prevent critical hits. Here, ill give you some movesets just to "inspire".

[email protected] berry. Swarm
Megahorn: There is that power.
Iron Head: For ice, rock, fighting, poison, flying, and ghost.
Reversal: Works well on types like steel when hp is low.
Endure: You just never know when you are gonna need it.

[email protected] Shell Armor.
Iron Defence or Double Team: Both are good defencive moves.
Swords Dance: When you are maximum defense/evasion.
X-Scissor: Nice, Reliable Attack.
Iron Head: Also good. Shuckle may flinch!

Overall, I recommend Shell Armor, which is great for defensive Pokemon. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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