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Which is better in general like stats, moves & strategy? Can I get a good moveset for each too?


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Accelgor is really fast and has decent sp. Attk
-Giga Drain - Health
-Rain Dance- for health
-Focus Blast - Rock, Ice, Steel, Normal, Dark
-Bug Buzz - Stab
Hydration - +rain dance
If you want a physical move for high sp. Def pokemon then substitute rain dance for u-turn. You can also put in sludge bomb instead of giga drain.
Escavalier has high attack plus decent sp. def and regular defense. Even though he doesnt look like a tank, he is one.
-X-scissor- stab
-Iron Head - stab
-Slash - when there is no other option
-Poison Jab - Poisoning, good pp
Swarm - it's really only vulnerable to fire. He doesn't need shell armor (critical hit protection)
If you want people to never be able to do damage to you (physically) then switch out slash for iron defense. If you are willing to breed then switch out x-scissor for megahorn with a scolipede.

That is awesome! I think I might change slash for payback(with low speed & all) but those movesets are amazing & thanks a lot!
And SD on Escavalier is where?
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I'll give you a summary of both pokemon

Pros: 145 base speed, making it the fastest pokemon in the Unova dex, and a good 100 base Spatk, making bug buzz cause some damage, and a okay movepool.
Cons: 40 base def and 60 base spdef make it very frail, allowing most pokemon to OHKO with a neutral move.

Pros: High 135 base atk, workable 105 base for both defenses, one weakness.
Cons: Slow, no gyro ball, no coverage for weakness, only one steel atk type move(Iron Head, Lv37).

I say that accelgor is perfect if you want a sweeper, and escavalier is for a T-Room team


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accelgor if you want speed and good spatk or escavalier for very good atk and good spdef

i would use escavalier because it has decent and better stats
good movest for escavalier http://www.serebii.net/potw-bw/589.shtml choose
good movest for accelgor (i would make it a sweeper or batton passer)
evs hp104 spatk252 speed152
rash or mild
/batton pass
/bug buzz
@choose your own i would have bright powder