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Who said an RU Pokemon can't run with the big boys?

Uber Accelgor!

So just now I was using Accelgor in Ubers, yes you read that right, Ubers. I have found that he is amazing in Ubers, thanks to the fact that his typing and stellar speed allow him to outspeed and cut down common threats such as Darkrai, Mewtwo, and Extremekiller Arceus with STAB Bug Buzz and Focus Blsat respectively. He is also capable mowing through the many Uber dragons with relative ease thanks to Hidden Power Ice.

![][1]ACC3LGOR![][2] @ Choice Specs
Trait: Sticky Hold
EVs: 252 SAtk, 252 Spd, 4 Spdef
Modest Nature

  • Bug Buzz
  • Hidden Power [Ice]
  • Focus Blast
  • Giga Drain

I can not stress how well he really does work in Ubers. His outstanding speed allows him to outspeed most unboosted opponents, and Choice Specs gives him some firepower, boosting his SAtk up to 492. Choice Specs, plus his great speed allow him to bring punishment as a revenge killer and as a late-game sweeper. As I said previously, his main role is to check things like Darkrai and Mewtwo that could otherwise pose a threat.

P.S. This set greatly appreciates entry hazard damage, but it is not neccessary.
P.S.S. This set is not limited to Ubers, it works in well in other tiers too.
[1]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/misc/bw2-icons/shiny/617.png
[2]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/misc/bw2-icons/shiny/617.png

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What the point in recovering 20HP when the opponent is going to inflict like >65 per hit?
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With SpAtk+Speed of 100+145, Accelgor has great potential for pure, unadulterated sweeping.

EVs: SpAtk & Speed, duh!
Item: Choice Specs or maybe a type plate.

  • Bug Buzz: powerful STAB
  • Giga Drain: slightly less power than Energy Ball, but restores HP so actually does more.
  • Venoshock: for use with a Toxic Spikes lead-in (hooray for Drapion!) and gets quite good neutral coverage (e.g. against Fire).
  • Focus Blast: not very accurate but powerful and covers a few extra types like Normal, Ice and Steel
What's the point of recovering like 20HP when the opponent is gping to inflict like >65 damage??
stealth rocks, *****. you need to stay alive to switch in more times, and giga drain gives you a chance to do that.
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I Fully Agree With Trachy. I'll Juist List some other good Moves for him to use:

Focus Blast: Coverage.
Giga Drain: With 75 Base Power In B/W, Its Now Better Than Energy Ball.
Toxic+Venom Shock: If The Opponets Poisoned, This Does Extra Damage.
Sludge Bomb: Strong.

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Weather lead
Item: Damp rock
Ability: Hydration
Nature: Naive/Hasty/Timid
EVs: 200 S.Attack, 252 Speed, 58 Hp


Quite honestly I think this guy should be able to learn Taunt, seriously this guy would work SO well with Taunt but NO Game freak decided to not give it Taunt. Anyway this is a good lead for low tier Rain teams. Rain-dance is too start the rain, the Damp-rock makes this last 8 turns. Guard-split can make this guy fairly bulky, it can be used to ruin walls and tanks. Bug-buzz is STAB. Spikes helps to set up to help the team further as a lead while Rest heals so one can used those boosts to your defenses.

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If using Guard Split I suggest Recover.
I think that set is pretty good. The only thing I would change would be Guard Swap, and replace it with Giga Drain. Giga Drain can help heal it, especially if damaged by Stealth Rocks.
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Ninja-Cheap-Opening-Punishment set! :P

EVs: -Max SpAtk
- either max speed or 192 Spd makes him faster than anything except maxed ninjask and Deoxis without boosting
- the rest for Hp

Item: Focus Sash

-Bugg Buzz: STAB
-Focus Blast or Hidden Power Fire (Prefered)
-Protect (prefered) / Substitute

The idea is to force a 1 one 1 fight with the opponent right off the bat. You start with protect-> If he uses ANY status moves you do encore and start attacking-> He'll probably switch out->You've already damaged the incoming pkm so you can attack again. He wont do a status move again so you take damage->Focus sash saves you, you attack again-> He should be dead by now and you still have accelgor ready to put out 1 attack. If you don't encounter ninjask you should be fine. Ih he puts up a wall just pull out your counter wall.

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KO Accelgor
Ability: Sticky Hold- i prefer this ability because I hate choice and trick combos
Nature: Mild(+ SpA, - Def) or Rash (+ SpA, - SpD)
Item: Focus Sash
- Bug Buzz- high power STAB
- Giga Drain/Energy Ball- protection from rock types
- Guard Split- with his low defenses and hindering nature, your opponent will have lower defenses thus making then easier to take down (P.S. Guard Swap does not swap you and your opponent's base defenses, only the increases or decreases to either of your defenses)
- Focus Blast- high power move that kills heavier defenders

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Ability: Unnerve---having raised speed wheather you use an item or lose it.

-Recover---fast pokemon are great recovering spammers
-giga drain---beats rock weakness and recovers even more hp
-bug buzz---best bug STAB
-focus blast/final gambit---very powerful and lowers sp.def or when up to full health sacrifice it towards the opponent

that unburden
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Accelgor @ Petaya Berry

Modest Nature

Unburden ability

252 Spa EVs 252 Speed EVs 4 HP EVs

~Bug Buzz
~Focus Blast
~Hidden Power Ice

This is my Current Moveset and is Just Perfect!
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Accelgor (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sticky Hold
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Bug Buzz
- Energy Ball
- Focus Blast

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Accelgor (M) @ Bug Gem
Trait: Unburden
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Bug Buzz
- Hidden Power [Water]
- Guard Split
- Giga Drain

if you use hm in the rain y not hydration?
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heres what i think...

Item-silver powder (boosts power of bug moves)

1) bug buzz (very good basic attack for taking out opponents fast)
2) u-turn (for getting out unharmed and leaving some harsh effects)
3) Focus blast (risky accuracy but can take down rock and badly threaten fire even thought its not super effective)
4) giga drain (Accelgor needs to heal and this is the perfect move while doing acceptable damage)

if you believe this helped you, just comment if not im free for suggestions.

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This guy is the fastest pokemon in the unova region (or so i heard).

Accelgor @ Focus Sash
Trait: Sticky Hold
Nature: Bold
Bug Buzz - STAB.
Giga Drain - Heals you, covers rock weakness.
Power Split - Opponent has high attack? Use this move, then baton pass it onto a pokemon that has bad attack thats on your team.
Baton Pass - Refer to desc above.

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modest- speed and sp atk evs
stick hold- dat trick
item- leftovers, lets you heal from your sub

substitute- good cover from status ect.
acid spray- sharply lower sp def, idk why more people dont use this
bug buzz- dat STAB
g. drain/recover/u-turn/spikes/focusblast- your choice

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He is a nice, fast pokemon with poor defenses.

Item: Focus Sash (you might not even survive one hit anyway)
Trait: Sticky Hold (so no one can steal your focus sash)
Nature: Bold
EVs: Special Attack, Speed

Bug Buzz - Obvious STAB.
Giga Drain - Heals you after you've taken lots of damage.
Acid Armor - He has terribly low defense, so AA increases his defense from poor to decent in about 2-3 turns of using this.
Substitute - Stalling while using AA.

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Incredible. Accelgor is the one and only REAL wall breaker.

[email protected] Gem/Petaya Berry
Ability: Unburden
Nature: Rash
EVs: 252 SAtk/252 Spe/4 HP
IVs: 0 in both Defenses

Guard Split- Accelgor is the only Pokemon other than Alakazam that uses Guard Split well(all the other Pokemon are things like Shuckle and Carbink.). Let's say a Dusclops comes in and want's to wall you. Use Guard Split and get it out of the way.

Bug Buzz- STAB(and activate Unburden if you are holding the Bug Gem).

Focus Blast- Really nice coverage.

Sludge Bomb/Energy Ball/HP Ice/HP Water- Coverage. I would choose Sludge Bomb if you didn't get the right HP.

I hope I helped :)

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Accelgor @ Buginium Z/Choice Spec/Focus Sash
Ability: Unburden/Sticky Hold
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Bug Buzz (Stab
- Giga Drain ( healing)
- Sludge Bomb (chance of poison)
- Water Shuriken (Priority)

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Accelgor @ Petaya Berry
Nature: Modest
Ability: Unburden (for those of you who don't have access to Unburden, use Sticky Hold.)
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP

  • Endure
  • Bug Buzz
  • Focus Blast
  • Water Shuriken/Giga Drain
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