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Trying to get a Accelgor with final gambit, but I don't know what set I should use.


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Suicide Spikes Lead for Hyper Offensive Teams

Accelgor @ Focus Sash
Ability: Unburden
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Spikes
- Final Gambit
- Encore
- Bug Buzz

The purpose of this set is to set up as many layers of Spikes as possible before going down. This type of Spikes set is preferred for offensive teams because unlike more traditional Spikers, which are more defensive, it does not lose any of the momentum that offensive teams thrive on. Maximum Speed investment and a Timid Nature make Accelgor as fast as possible, letting Accelgor outspeed opposing Pokemon and lay down more layers of Spikes. The Focus Sash ensures at least 2 layers of Spikes; however, the maximum HP investment may allow Accelgor to tank a hit or two. Unburden is the preferred ability; it allows Accelgor to outspeed any Pokemon that might be faster than it after the Focus Sash is consumed. Encore can be used to lock the opponent into a boosting move which allows Accelgor to set up more layers of Spikes. Bug Buzz is a reliable STAB move. Final Gambit can be used if you feel severely weakening or KOing the opposing Pokemon is more important the setting up Spikes. An example of this might be if the majority of the opposing team isn't affected by Spikes or if the opposing Pokemon is a big threat to your team.
Only attempt to lay down the Spikes if your opponent does not have a dedicated Defogger/Rapid Spinner. If they do have one, save Accelgor until you have eliminated said Pokemon. Otherwise, Accelgor will faint for nothing.

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Only problem is, one of my pokemon already has focus sash and is very frail.

(zoroark) So what would be an alternative?
Mental Herb is a good replacement as it blocks Taunt and Encore, which are two things that will shut down Accelgor's ability to lay Spikes. Replace Unburden with Sticky Hold. Without the Focus Sash, you cannot recklessly lay down Spikes, so only do so in the face of opponents who cannot OHKO Accelgor.
thanks! I wanted to use an accelgor c:
Happy to help!