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Let's say:
Go Shedinja!
The opponent sent out Blissey!
Shedinja used Final Gambit!

How much damage would it do? It would be pretty hilarious if it was 1 Hp.

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1HP damage. Shedinja sucks anyway.
Weather? Status?
Safety Goggles or Lum Berry. (If Lum Berry, get recycle ;D)
Safety goggles=vulneable to status
berry=vulnerable to weather

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It would deal 1 HP, then Shedinja would faint.

Tested here.

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Shedinja uses Final Gambit then faints and the damage on Blissey will be 1 HP.

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A whopping 1 HP.

Final Gambit does as much damage as the number of hit points the user has left. Since Shedinja can only hope to get 1 HP, that's all Final Gambit would do.

Hope I helped!

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He did a test