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Seriously, what the heck? Why does it know this? Is GF trolling us? Outside of breeding it really shouldn't know this move....this bets wooper using ice punch tbh...so what the heck man?flips desk. I really need to know why this is a thing...

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Almost thought the pidgey sand attack whrilwind thing was happening again but its serious lmao
@tad I heard about that what was that?

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Well no its not viable. Sacrificing a poke to do 1Hp worth of damage is pretty dumb.
As for why well who knows. As you saidWooper can learn Ice Punch, Baby Pokemon Like Togepi Learn Fire Blast, Elgyem and Beheeyem can learn Steel Wing (they dont have wings..). Cant really Explain GameFreak Logic.

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I think I can answer why, there's an old ancient internet saying, which brings a moment of clarity for reasoning; "For the LuLz".
"Aww look, this Togepi is so gosh darn cute!"

"Togepi? Look, it lights up like a Christmas light! How adorable!"

"Look at that sweet little yawn… wait, Togepi, what are y– AAAGGHH IT BURNS!!"

^ That's what I got from your answer :)
Thanks tenebrae! Those little tits at GF are gonna get it... Definitely "for the lulz"...
Shinies disappear to Pokemon logic. WHY!?!?