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The oppenent will lose just 1 hp and he'll faint ?

Only a god knows.(Μόνο ένας θεός ξέρει)
Only god and the game producers....XD
(Μόνο ο θεός και οι παρασκευαστές)....
LOL:). . . . . .. .
Seriously, what's with the Greek?
Σοβαρά, τι με την ελληνική;
what are u talkin' 'bout?
only arcues knows :p

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Game Freak does a lot of things like this. They like to give moves that aren't very useful to certain pokemon. For instance, solarbeam on Slaking: his ability makes it where he charges one turn, then slacks off the turn he attacks, so it does nothing. I suppose you could use it for some kind of strategy, but it would be a very situational one, but Nintendo probably doesn't have too much reason for doing this.

If you manage to remove Truant from Slaking you can use Solarbeam.
Also power trick to Shuckle, maybe it gives him 230 attack but it left him with only 10defense so he becomes the perfect victim.
Skill swap Slaking is OP