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Likely tier: Neverused
Ugh, why doesn't it learn Gyro Ball?!
Whatchu know about neverused.
Iron Head (STAB and has a chance to flinch so why not)
X scissor (again STAB and gets boosted power from swarm)
Poison jab (Has a chance to poison could come in handy now an then)
And Knock off (just to take off any annoying items chesto Berry's e.t.c

If anyone has a better move set just comment

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Trick room sledgehammer:
Escavalier: choice band
Nature: brave
Ability: swarm
Evs: 252 hp 252 atk 4 sp def
Ivs: 0 speed
Iron head
Return/double edge
Pursuit/ x scissor

Escavalier is tied with ferrothorn as the slowest fully evolved Pokemon. However, with the help of a trick room using teammate, escavalier can become the "fastest" Pokemon around. It's massive base 135 attack, further boosted by a choice band, will allow to rip through unprepared teams with its mighty megahorn. He can also easily slay dark types that give some trick room teams trouble.

*Trick Room Spear

Ka-POW +1
Assault vest escavalier: would you suggest it?
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This is a difficult one! Shubarugo has pretty awesome defenses so may as well take advantage of that. Unfortunately the movepool is limited. Shubarugo doesn't learn any moves that cover the 4x fire weakness, so Rain Dance is a must.

Ability: Swarm, I guess.
EVs: HP all the way, then 50/50 with Def/SpDef

  • Rain Dance
  • Toxic
  • X-Scissor
  • Reversal or Protect
well it does learn drill run to take care of heatrans...
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I would like this Pokemon a ton if it wasn't for such low Speed. And the speed is too low to really try to make this guy go faster. I almost like the preevolution better.

Ability: Swarm

EVs: Attack, Defense, Sp Def Nature: Impish

Iron Head: STAB.

X-Scissor: STAB.

Iron Defense: Makes this guy defend better.

Toxic: Makes this guy able to defend.

Hmmmm, interesting, but why Toxic?  Can Poison Jab do the job better?
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Escavalier (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Overcoat
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SDef
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Swords Dance
- X-Scissor
- Iron Head
- Reversal

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Personally, I think that Escavalier works well as a physical attacker or a physical wall (movepool makes special wall a little tougher), so you'd want a moveset that can support either of these.

Physical attacker-

Ability: Swarm
EVs: HP and Attack
Nature: Brave/Adamant

  • Swords Dance
  • Aerial Ace
  • X-Scissor/Iron Head
  • Giga Impact/Reversal/Return

X-Scissor or Iron Head allows for STAB, but each with an added pro - Iron Head has a wider type coverage, but X-Scissor is boosted further by Swarm. Reversal has a good type coverage whilst allowing you to use damage you've taken and hit back, which can be used as a final move. Giga Impact, Return and Aerial Ace both also offer good type coverage, but Giga Impact acts as more of a last resort move when Escavalier is close to fainting, similarly to Reversal, whereas Return offers good power and Aerial Ace devastating accuracy.

Physical Wall-

Ability: Shell Armour
EVs: HP and Defence/Special Defence
Nature: Relaxed/Sassy

  • Iron Defence
  • Toxic
  • Reversal
  • Swagger/Rest

Toxic allows poison damage, which can be either combined with Swagger for extra confusion damage, or Rest for healing to create a stall. Reversal at low hp followed by Rest allows for decent damage and type coverage, whilst keeping Escavalier as a wall and of course Iron Defence strengthens defence signifcantly.

These aren't 100% perfect or flawless, so if anyone wants to feel free to correct/change either of these as they feel like it.

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Swords dance
iron head

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LC Terror!

Item: Salac-berry
Ability: No-guard
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Hp





For some reason this guy looks to cool to me, I do not know what it is, maybe it was the sweep I did with it during the CC tourney (Different set though) but this guy looks so cool and crazy! Endure is to Activate Salac-berry and power up Flail. Megahorn is strong STAB and because of No-guard has perfect acc. Flail is neutral coverage and becomes super strong at low health. Faint-attack and is mainly their to cover ghost types who would otherwise wall him, and is also pretty much his only other decent Physical Attack that is not the same type(or type coverage) as another one of his moves. Hope you enjoy using this guy :)

The only way you're getting one of these with No-Guard is thru an external program or device
It is his DW ability, though I do not think it is released yet one can still use it on PO and someday it will be released.
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(Gen 6)

Assault Vest Attacker:
enter image description here
Escavalier: Assault Vest
Ability: Overcoat
Nature: Brave
EV's: 252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
IV's: 0 Spe

  • Mega Horn
  • Iron Head
  • Drill Run
  • Knock Off / Pursuit

X and Y gave Escavalier a few new twerks that up it's viability. Drill run, Knock Off, Assault Vest, and Overcoat.
Karrablast can now learn drill run via breeding, which gives Escavalier a new powerful coverage move capable of obliterating fire and steel types that try to switch in to his bug and steel STABs.
Megahorn is Escavalier's main and most powerful STAB move, dealing painful damage to anything that doesn't resist it.
Iron head is his most powerful steel-type STAB (shame it can't learn gyro ball), useful against fairies.
And the buff given to knock off make it a very powerful option, dealing heavy damage and ridding the opponent of their item. However pursuit is also a viable option, ensuring an OHKO against weakened Gengar and Alakazam.

Although choice band is still viable on Escavalier, Assault vest transforms Escavalier into a powerful special wall, which I have found to be more effective. Overcoat is also quite useful on Escavalier, and would choose it over Swarm. In gen 5, Overcoat only protected Escavalier from hail, but now in gen 6 it protects him from sleep powder and spore, and more rarely stun spore.

The choice of IV's, EV's and nature is to ensure it is slower than brave/quiet Aegislash, and to be extremely fast if you or the opponent ends up using trick room.

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With those defensive stats I see Escavalier as a great Staller.

Item:Chesto Berry



EVs:Defense, Special Defense

  • Toxic (Annoying the Foe)
  • Rest (To heal from damage over time and wake up with the Chesto Berry)
  • Double Team (Harder for the Foe to do any damage)
  • Iron Head (Might as well do some damage)
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Train Escavalier in Attack to take some amazing hits

Physical Sweeper


Swords Dance (Attack to full)


Iron Head

Poison Jab (Damages and might poison the enemy)

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Ability: Shell Armor
X-Scissor (STAB)
Iron Head (STAB)
Poison Jab (Inflicts poison)
Sword Dance (Power-ups attack moves)

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Physical Attcker / Sweeper:

I would recommen the Egg Move Drill Run instead of Giga Impact,Double-Edge, and Reversal. I know it's not very good considering that Giga Impact,Double-Edge, and Reversal have more power, but it's to help that 4x Fire weakness.

Escavalier (male)
Nature: Bold or Lax
Ability: Shell Armor
Item: Kings Rock/ Life Orb

  • Swords Dance
  • X-Scissor
  • Iron Head
  • Reversal/Double-Edge/Giga Impact

    Swords Dance:To pump up that high Attack Stat by 2 levels. (lvl. 52)
    X-Sicssor: For those Grass, Psychic, and Dark Type users. (lvl.44)
    Iron Head: For Ice, Rock, and Fairy Type users. It also may make your opponet flinch. (lvl. 37)
    Reversal: Is to counter Rock, Dark and Normal Types, as well as Fire (lower HP= more power) (lvl. 49) / Double-Edge and Giga Impact: If you want him to hold a Life Orb and sweep people, you could risk HP for it, however since because of its low HP, I wouldn't try it until he gets to like more than 100 HP. (Double-Edge: START/ Giga Impact: lvl. 56)

    I've just got done with the last gym in ORAS, and he's pretty helpful, considering he was traded. This is the move set he has now (everything except Double-Edge and Giga Impact), and he has the same ability, with a Timid Nature.

    Hoped I helped!

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If I have A Escavlier This will be my Set:
@LifeOrb / LeftOvers
Evs:252Hp / 210SpD / 48Atk

Knock Off
Iron Head
Mega Horn