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In Black my Escavalier wants to learn Giga Impact.
Should I teach him it?
I know it's a recharge move and it only has 90 accuracy, Escavlier has a high attack.
I don't know if I should teach him it.
Any suggestions?

There is this question but it doesn't help much


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No, Giga Impact is not worth it. Though Escavalier has a high Attack stat, Giga Impact provides no coverage whatsoever. Iron Head and X-Scissor are much more responsible choices to take advantage of it's high Attack, even in-game. With a X4 Fire weakness and the need to recharge, Escavalier does not make good use of the move.

Giga Impact does not deal STAB damage with Escavalier either, which hurts the power by a considerable amount.

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yeah, thought so. thanks :)
No worries, glad to help :3