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Personally I love this Pokemon all of its stats compensate for it's incredibly low speed my lv73 has 226hp 242atk 199def 115spatk 199spdef and a whopping 60spd. I think this will be an incredible mon but I see absolutely nobody use it.

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What game are you asking about? What do you want to use it for? Do you want to battle other people, in-game trainers, or something else?
I'm asking about ultra moon. And it's a combination of battling others in game and out
I think it should be used in a trick room team. Not sure though since I don't use it myself
It's too slow to function well. You could run it in trick room, but there are way better options than Escavilier.
Escavalier has 70 hp, 135 attack, 105 defense, 60 sp.Atk, 105 Sp.Def, and 20 hp base stats. It has a total of 495. Overall it is an ok Pokemon.
When you battle other people, what format/rules do you play with?
@aegislash How do you know that a Pokemon with those stats is ok?
Thanks for flagging. I'm going to edit the question myself so its title is less vague. I am going to assume that by default, any cartridge online battle would adopt Battle Spot rules. You can answer for both singles and doubles, since OP hasn't explained which they play. You should also address in-game battles (e.g. Battle Tree, seeing as OP is most probably post-game?)

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Escavalier is really good yet it lacks speed and special attack. If you want to fix it then put a trick room set up which makes slow Pokemon move first. It is pretty cool and it makes them better. Then you can have a sweeper. IF you use this setup then you won't need a choice scarf.


Escavalier: choice band
Nature: brave
Ability: swarm
Evs: 252 hp 252 atk 4 sp def
Ivs: 0 speed
Iron head
Return/double edge
Pursuit/ x scissor

Moveset Made by Dudeicolo

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Pyukumuku is slower.
The moveset was from 2017 or 2015
Why are you putting information in your own answer when you know it's wrong?