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Gender: BIRD (still not specific enough I know) Male
Country: Galar
Favorite Pokémon: Birds Birds and Birds BIIIIIIIIIIIIIRDDDDDDDDDDDDD and Solgaleo Lugia Quagsire Rayquaza Jirachi Charizard Blastoise Dracovish Corviknight, Groudon, Kyogre, Reshiram, and Aegislash
Friend Codes: SW-5904-3486-9200 SWITCH well I don't know about my friend codes that much and I play Sword and Shield now so I'll put up the console I'm usually on.
About me: Scratch account: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/Pokefan1952/

Please Don't act like a kid to me it gets on my nerves

Also if you have any Fanfic ideas send them to me!

If my name is to long you can call me Corvo. It's italian for Raven.

I can be apart of Idiocy but I really don't want to in a way.

I am a man who can't stand inconceivable behavior which annoys me.

Please don't spam in chat because it annoys me.

I might act like Moderator sometimes but please don't say bad stuff to me

I might change my gravatar but who cares.

Please Don't say this to me, Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just don't spam please.
BUT IN A BUCKET I LIVE! - |Corviknight|

I fly so high I dive so down but when I'm straight I'm Upside down! - |Corviknight|

I am a user that is trying to get the best information and stats on my pokemon using multiple websites like this one.

I always try to Roost and sometimes I just can't. I am trying to yet Zarude Is keep on screaming at pokemon every day

Friend List (for now):

Pokéfan Gabriel: A friend that I talk to and help out (:
pokemon11631: the first person to talk to me.
DelphoxOracle: One of the first people who said hi.
iloveflareon: Gave me some advice. Thanks for the help.
Fizz: A great help
Flowersun: A great person to talk to.
SpillthePolteagiest: A person who really knows stuff
Hellfire Taco

1/12/20 Got a Melmetal for a Shelmet L.O.L.

4/9/20 My first point

4/13/20 W0W 100 p0ints thanks for the support to woowowowowowowowowowow

4/21/20 WAIT MY 150 point, Wynaut

 4/18/20 200 points is the great power that is within me

5/3/20 300 is weird but | would take it


Runerigus TRADED
Zigzagoon Traded
Diggersbey Lost because I disconnected in the middle of the shiny raid ):<
Terrakion Hacked so I traded
Snorlax Traded

All on sword. Also the Terrakion said it was from a Den so...

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where did you go
Oct 5 by SSuperiority
I'm gonna be super inactive and will only respond to comments
 Aug 6 by |Corviknight|
Aug 24 by Syl ™
I'm gonna be super inactive and will only respond to comments
Aug 6 by |Corviknight|
Aug 4 by Syl ™
Jul 15 by Syl ™
Jun 21 by Pokéfan Gabriel
Everything fine with u ?
Jun 20 by Pokéfan Gabriel
Ok, no problem. Nice to see u still alive :)
Jun 20 by Pokéfan Gabriel
Hey man, sup. Something new in galar ?
Jun 8 by Pokéfan Gabriel
I think Calyrex will be a very powerful Pokémon. I mean, It was the king of Galar... A king must be powerful. Maybe a overpower signature move or second form.. Urshifu looks good too, i like the single strike form but i think Urshifu will not be sooooo overpower
Jun 1 by Pokéfan Gabriel