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Is Hawlucha good even though it has five weaknesses?

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What game?
yes it is, fast and strong, frailty doesn't matter when you've got potions/revives/ nurse joy

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In-game teams focus mostly on dealing out as much damage as soon as possible, using brute force (by over leveling) to their advantage rather than tactics, as levels make a huge difference.

Hawlucha has excellent Attack and Speed stats, as well as a powerful moves (High Jump Kick, Acrobatics, Flying Press) it can use to often KO opponents before taking damage. It can also use Fly (in case you need it), so that's pretty nifty as well.

As for the five weaknesses, that's honestly not such a big issue. Hawlucha is generally frail, and even strong neutral moves (specially with same type attack bonus) will probably KO it in 1-2 shots. You can always switch into other Pokemon which can take those moves (as you know which Pokemon will come out anyway)

All in all, you should go for it if you need a good Fighting or Flying (or both) type attacker for your team. It's not a must have, but it's not a liability by any means.

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