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Like the question says, Jirachi is a steel/psychic pokemon while Leavanny is bug/grass pokemon. So if i'm fighting against a leavanny does his bug type take the same amount of damage to jirachis pshycic side even though his steel half won't take as much damage?

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No. In Duel types resistances and weaknesses cancel each-other out. Also resistances stack and weaknesses stack. Immunities are unaffected even if the other type is weak to it. So if one type is weak to fighting and the other is resistant to fighting(like in an Ice-Flying type), the Pokemon takes neutral damage from fighting. If both Types are resistant to Fighting(like in a Psychic-Flying type) then the Pokemon is x4 resistant to Fighting. If both Types are weak to Fighting(like in an Ice-Dark type) then the Pokemon is x4 Weak to Fighting. If one type is Weak/Neutral/Resistant Fighting and the other type is Immune to Fighting then the Pokemon is Immune.

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It will do regular damage, neither Super/Not very effective.

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It will do Regular damage. A bug type attack would do [I/2(Steel typing)x2](Psychic typing)X damage, which will even out to normal damage

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I have already stated that.