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I am planning my team for playthrough. Bug types are becoming very good from gen-5. There are Scolipede, Leavanny*, Galvantula & Heracross whom I am thinking about. All went fine in my previous White / Black-2 playthroughs (except Heracross). Now I am a little bit confused on what my team needs. Can I get the pros and cons of them? The rest of the team shall be Samurott, Arcanine, Archeops, Krookodile and Espeon.

*Freindship evolution has been made easier in Gen-5 onward (I am guessing) since my Swadloon evolved in lvl 25 (caught when it was lvl 12). So it need not be a con.

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Why don't you want to use Heracross? I think Heracross is better than all 3 of those.
Ok shall I include it? It doesn't matter if I include it now as I have to beat Burgh yet. Thanks for suggestion.
If you want more special attackers, then I recommend replacing Krookodile with Zoroark. I think Zoroark and Heracross will be better than Krookodile and Galvantula.
Galvantula is way faster and in Black 2, if you use surf across near your house, you can get energy ball which is really good. Galvantula and Excadrill were my mvps in my playthrough.
Moveset: Thunderbolt/discharge, energy ball, bug buzz and something else of your choice.
Heracross can still outspeed most opponents, and it can OHKO more opponents than Galvantula can. How are you sure that it isn't a better MVP than Galvantula?
(I'm tired of using Zoroark, so I am going with Krookodile)
(Also, Heracross can learn Megahorn earlier than Galvantula's Bug Buzz)

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- Very fast and strong physically
- You can get it pretty early
- Learns moves like Megahorn, Strength, and Poison Jab
- Poison/Bug is a redundant offensive combo
- Four weaknesses
- Quite frail

- Decent Speed and solid Attack
- Swadloon is available early
- You can find Leavanny in the wild
- Gets moves like Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, and Swords Dance
- Friendship evolutions are annoying (You've already evolved, it but they still are, nothing can change my mind)
- Pathetically frail
- Tons of weaknesses to common types

- Fast, pretty good Special Attack
- A mere two weaknesses
- Compound Eyes is great
- Gets Bug Buzz, Thunder, Volt Switch, Energy Ball, and more
- Quite frail
- Obtained later than the other three

- Monstrous Attack stat
- Guts is a phenomenal Ability
- Learns moves like Strength, Close Combat, and Megahorn
- Megahorn is at Leve 46, meaning your best STAB is Bug Bite until then
- You have a choice between annoying to find in Lostlorn, or easy to find on Route 12, much later
- Relatively frail
- Three weaknesses, including a 4x to Flying

You're a bit heavy on the physical attackers on your team, so I would say to go with Galvantula. Here's a set:

Galvantula @ anything
Ability: Compound Eyes
- Thunder / Thunderbolt / Discharge
- Signal Beam / Bug Buzz
- Energy Ball
- Volt Switch

If you do want to use one of the others, however, Heracross is the best physical attacker of the three.

Heracross @ anything
Ability: Guts
- Close Combat
- Megahorn
- Strength
- Rock Slide

Hope I helped!

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(If I didn't have tons of physical attackers?)
If you didn't have tons of physical attackers, I would honestly still say Galvantula, but Scolipede would be better as well. Electric/Bug is better both offensively and defensively than the other two types.
Why Volt Switch over Thunder Wave? Catching Pokemon is far better than pivoting.
Probably I don't have to catch anything after catching Joltik.
@Swastik it sounds like Staraptor already has his team decided. Samurott, Arcanine, Eevee, and Krookodile are obtained before Joltik, and Archeops is a gift.
Thanks blade!
Happy to help!
I agree. Galvantula is a good choice.
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I would say don’t go with Leavanny. I would choose Scolipede or Galvantuls just because of stats, moves and weaknesses. Scolipede has good Poison type moves while Galvantula has some good Electric ones. I would say Galvantula is the best choice overall though with Scolipede second and Leavanny last. I hope this helps a bit.

I already went with leavanny once, and I didn't have any problem. I don't need their weaknesses or defenses, as in-game focuses only on attack. I feel your explanation is not quite satisfactory, as Leavanny also gets solid moves like Swords Dance & X-Scissor. Thanks btw. I agree with you that Galvantula is best among the three (Compound Eyes + Thunder) followed by Scolipede (Swords Dance + Megahorn) and Leavanny (Swords Dance + X-Scissor)