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Don't question my curiosity, just wondered this question randomly. Which one of the national bugs is the strongest and most viable competitively?

  1. Butterfree / Beedrill
  2. Ledian / Ariados
  3. Beautifly / Dustox
  4. Kricketune
  5. I'm not sure what the national bug is for Unova
  6. Vivillon
  7. Vikavolt
  8. Orbeetle
Arceus-Bug, Genesect and Pheromosa are the best bugs.
Other seven:
They told "regional bugs"
Does Mega Beedrill or Giga Butterfree count as kanto regionals? Or do they count as Kalos and Galar
Pretty sure Scolipede is the Unova bug.
I thought Leavanny.

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You told AG, and some of them aren't in Gen 8, so I suppose National Dex AG.
Butterfree / Beedrill: Unrated
Ledian / Ariados: Unrated
Beautifly / Dustox: Unrated
Kricketune: Unrated
Vivillon: D Rank
Vikavolt: Unrated
Orbeetle: Unrated
None of them are viable in AG. Beedrill-M has the highest stat, but it wastes the mega slot which other Pokemon can offer easily. The only thing worth mentioning is Compound Eyes+Sleep Powder, which Butterfree and Vivillion get, but due to the latter having higher speed, it is considered better. Thus, your best bet would be Vivillion on terms of viability. Compound Eyes+Sleep Powder is very good due to no Sleep Clause in AG, but priority user like Mega Rayquaza make it useless.

Due to the lack of Sleep Clause and viable Sleep Talk users, Vivillon uniquely stands out as a premier sleep inducer and Quiver Dance sweeper, able to take advantage of guaranteed sleep turns to reliably set up Substitutes and Quiver Dances due to Compound Eyes Sleep Powder. Nevertheless, Vivillon is the very definition of a Pokemon in the Anything Goes metagame that can spiral out of control easily if not immediately assessed as a threat, and although it is somewhat niche, it can be a dangerous threat if left unchecked.

Hope this helps.

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