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I was wondering if anyone thinks ralts is worth training
Give the reasons why or why not

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Yes. Big fat, YES

Now the reasons for this are obvious. While Ralts by itself is weak, it evolves into a very strong Pokemon:

Gardevoir: which is helpful in-game as well as competitive with its high Special Attack, and decent Speed. It makes for a good Psychic type in-game with massive battling benefits. What's more, with that awesome Mega Evolution, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Learning moves like Psychic , and gaining STAB on it, makes it very appealing. Learning Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt is just icing, as this Pokemon will undoubtedly help in the Pokemon League.

Of course, there might be better Pokemon out there, but they take far too long to evolve, and the Pokemon is question is definitely still worth it, specially if you lack a Special Attacker / Psychic type on your team.

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Emerald didn't have Gallade yet :x
This is proof right here that people only answer questions about the pokemon in the question and not about what game it is about
Indeed. It must be a mistake from my side. My apologies. However truth to be told, that was BEFORE it was edited by Mike. The tags, I remember, specifically, read ORAS and XY on them. I double-checked the tags, but as you said, the Question itself I didn't bother too much about.
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125 base special attack is quite good and will tear through the NPCs. Also decent special bull at 115 base special defense. Sure, most moves for it are physical, but if used right you can just solo the game with it. Also average speed at 80. Also helps against Brawly.

Hopes this helps!

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