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I put them in the daycare, and the day care lady says "they don't seem to like playing together, though" and Bulbapedia says that means they can't breed, however, they should be able to. This is for Ultra Sun.

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The reason why your Ralts and Sableye aren't breeding is because in Gen 7, Ralts wasn't in the Human-Like Egg Group

If you go to the Ralts page on Bulbapedia and scroll down to the Egg Groups section, you'll find it saying:

Human-Like (Gen VIII) and Amorphous

This means that Ralts was in the Human-Like Egg group starting in Gen 8. Because you're breeding Ralts and Sableye in Gen 7, Ralts wasn't in the Human-Like Group and was only in the Amorphous Group. Since Sableye is in the Human-Like Group while Ralts isn't in Gen 7, they can't breed in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. If you're still trying to breed Ralts and Sableye together, I'd recommend doing so in a Generation 8 Game, like Sword/Shield. :)

Hope this helps.

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