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Member for: 2 years (since Dec 20, 2020)
Type: Registered user
Gender: If you look at Mew's page and look at gender, you'll see its gender less. Thats what I am.
Country: Somewhere in the world.
Favorite Pokémon: A bunch. MEW IS AMAZING!
Friend Codes: I have none T^T
I have some game codes if you see me.
Among us:UwUWizard
Ppl that I think are cool but aren't friends:
Giga~Blade X:You persuaded me that Sunflora is in amazing.
Any Mew fan. I don't need to explain it
About me: I'm just a weirdo.  My favorite games are SwSh and LGE.  Pokemon based at least.
Shinies:LGE Drowzee.  Thats literally all.  I'm not much of a shiny hunter.  
Favorite pokemon of each type!
Normal:Eevee + evolutions. THEY ARE CUTE!
Grass:Chespin. Pretty sweet pokemon if you ask me.
Water:Sobble and evolutions.  Sobble is cute while its evolutions are cool.
Fire:Rabbot. I like Scorbunny and Cinderace but this guy is favorite.
Electric:Zeraora.  He cool bro.
Fairy:Literally every fairy.  My most fave is Mawile.
Flying: Galar Articuno.  Its an amazing pokemon and the last Galar bird I ever caught.
Fighting: Urshifu.  A cool dude.
Psychic:Mew.  No other explanation.
Steel:Togedemaru! Such a cute spike Ball!
Poison:Poipole.  My favorite out of all ultra beasts.
Dark:Absol.  Hes a disaster and I love that.
Rock:Nihilego. Second favorite ultra beast.
Ground:Flygon. She's also a cool dragon!
Dragon:Noibat.  Noivern is even better!
Ghost:Mimikyu.  Their spook makes them cool.

Something I've learned: People reply fast here and I love it.
I hate nuzlocks due to them being sad.  I could do a nuzlock however.
Mew:I have A FAIRY MOVE!
Absol:Hey Mew! Love what you did to Umbreon!
Mew:Yea! It was ABSOLultely amazing!
Absol:Me too!?

So....what adventures will I have here in this fun place? Let's see!

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Mew's one of my favorite Mythicals if not my total favorite.
Jan 6, 2021 by Gokutenks
2 weeks late, but welcome!
Jan 3, 2021 by Stephwheel8
Bit late, but welcome to Pokebase.
Jan 3, 2021 by Iridacea
Please include natures and format/rules when you post movesets on this website.
Dec 22, 2020 by sumwun