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Wht level should my Pokemon be to beat crasher wake on platinum?

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i keep trying and losing my team is-

Prinplup:lvl-32/torrent/fury attack,metal fan,bubblebeam,peck/qiuck claw

Roselia:lvl-33/natural cure/giga drain,growth,toxic,magical leaf/big root

Staravia:lvl-32/intimidate/steel wing,fly,aerial ace,roost,

Gabite:lvl-32/Sand veil/dragon rage,slash,earthquake,shadow claw

Flareon:lvl-34/flash fire/tackle,bite,dig,quick attack

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You have the team at good levels , but you need a hint of strategy.

So lets layout a strategy for this.

He's got a big weakness to electric, so thats the easiest way to beat him, but I reccomend if you don't have access to that Idea, to just try to get him with Gabite's dragon rage, to do a 2KO job.

Just use magical leaf with roselia, and he's dead.

Use your remaining forces to put a dent is this guy, beware that he is most likely faster than you.

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i tried dragon rage on gyarados it kills in 4 hits